"Each and every one of our initiatives is based on high sustainability standards. Quinta da Meia Eira is an agrotourism lodging that seeks a balance with nature, targeting the best ways to minimize the ecological footprints of its activity."

- Quinta da Meia Eira Team

Construction and Furniture

Hotel na Ilha do Faial

Móvel em Madeira Recuperado
Cama Tradicional Recuperada
Detalhes Móveis Quarto
Mesa Exterior em Madeira
Piscina em Estufa para aquecimento
Cozinha em Madeira
Sala comum com móveis recuperados
Cadeiras Exteriores em Madeira
Balanço em Madeira

During the reconstruction of the houses, we only used wood coming from commercial forest plantations in the Azores and the Portuguese mainland.

For furniture and decoration, we restored antiques combined with woods that had been previously used, tributing our heritage and avoiding the new furniture manufacturing and its transportation, therefore creating a unique language of design and inner decoration. 

Our outdoor furniture is also made of wood so that we can maintain it every year and avoid using plastic.

We prefer architectural solutions with natural lighting and common areas, as well as efficient aeration and heating systems.

Agricultura Bio

Quinta da Meia Eira, with 6 ha of agricultural area, is an agrotourism lodging that grows organic farm products that our guests can taste.

When Quinta da Meia Eira started in 1997, all the farmland was used for cattle ranching under an intensive regime of maize production. This system led to a significant level of soil depletion and biodiversity reduction.

Over the past 20 years, we have been maintaining a farm and garden, as well as farm animals and beehives, combining the traditional varieties with many others that we have been experimenting and adapting.

This process of maintenance and innovation never ends! We have planted over 3000 trees and shrubs. Many of these are wind curtains and shelters as the wind can blow strong once in a while. At Quinta da Meia Eira we have nearly 1km of these structures, which also protects orchards and vegetable gardens. 


These areas also have a huge importance in the lives of local birds and insects, who reciprocate by providing ecological balance and biodiversity.


The result is an agri-garden certified in organic production by EU standards, where we join agroforestry and permaculture concepts.

The grassland that remains is nowadays conducted under permanent pastureland with reduced livestock. Soil conservation is an important value for us. We have been planting trees across the pastureland in order to provide increased protection to our animals. This is how we feed our cows, without using industrial and outside products. They live on extensive free-herding 365 days a year.

Rainwater is stored and then used in agriculture and livestock, collected from the roofs of buildings and threshing floors, stored in our 3 traditional cisterns.  This water is always available for our cows through a gravity-based system, based on the altitude level of the reservoirs. 

Ethics in food production and the idea of food self-sufficiency are important values for us.

Essentially, we produce healthy food, in a healthy way! This is what we eat and share with those who visit us!

Dia-a-Dia Eco

Organic Breakfast

Our breakfast is mainly composed of organic, local, and season foods. We produce fruits and tea herbs, we make our own yogurts, our jams, we produce our eggs, among others. As we are not entirely self-sufficient, we buy several products from producers nearby.


Hot water is obtained using thermodynamic solar panels and we use flow economizers. Rainwater is collected to use inside the farm.

Material de limpeza
Hygiene and cleaning

We use environmentally friendly EU Ecolabel certified cleaning and hygiene products, recycled toilet paper and dispensers for shower gel and liquid soap. Regarding laundry, all clothes are dried in the air/sun, thus avoiding unnecessary consumption of electricity


Our pool is covered with a sliding sleeve and an outside cover to keep the water warm which is heated due to the greenhouse effect of the structure surrounding the pool. The water temperature varies throughout the year and depends on the weather conditions and the use we make of the pool.


Organic waste is fully reused on the farm for compost or with the help of small animals. We have a bio-shredder for the production of organic mulch material. The remaining waste we produce is completely separated and recycled, leaving a very small amount of non-recyclable waste. We do not use disposable dishes.


All areas inside are non smoking environments. Smokers find ashtrays that they can use to smoke outside.

Image by Alessandra Caretto

Customers have got bicycles available that they can use during their stay with us at no extra cost.


We want to ensure that all our guests find the comfort they need. In addition to passive welfare-friendly methods, all rooms have state-of-the-art air conditioning, as this is the most energy-efficient active method for heating, cooling, and dehumidification, a significant aspect to have into account in our climate. We leave it to the discretion of our guests, not imposing our worldview on them, but minimizing the impacts of their choice through the use of appropriate equipment and environmentally certified companies for supply and maintenance.

Livraria vintage

The living room has a library where you can find several books on environmental and socio-cultural themes of the Azores, as well as guides on flora and fauna.


Responsabilidade Social

Mãos, segurando, madeira, prato
Criança, segurando, fresco, produto
Fair Work
Working with the Society

Quinta da Meia Eira is a family-owned company that seeks to be socially fair in its working and commercial relationships and to be open to society.

Although part of our activity is seasonal, we keep our employees throughout the year.

Our employees have a permanent bond, which means that they have job security and can face the future with confidence.

We provide several school field trips, internships and professional training, free of charge, both in the areas of tourism and agricultural activity.

We prefer local products and local companies, and their environment and social conduct is equally important to us.

We participate in local and regional organizations and are always open to new initiatives

We believe the world should be a great place for everyone