Quinta da Meia Eira is an environmental, social, and cultural values matrix, where tourism and agricultural activity intersect, being the result of the pursuit of Identity, Beauty and Nature, and our desire to live in the Azores.

We are a family with three children who decided to have a house where one could welcome people from all over the world. Consequently, in 1997 we started a project which transformed into what it is today!

Quinta da Meia Eira is an Agrotourism accommodation working all year-round. Our activity is legal and we comply with all standards of safety, hygiene, comfort, aesthetic balance, and landscape rules.

This is our loyalty contract for those who choose Quinta da Meia Eira.

Hotel na Ilha do Faial


Johnnie, Alemanha

"This Place has Flair! Lots of little details to Discover. 
Definetly a Oasis of Peace. I highly recommend a Stay here."

William, Spain

"Beautiful property, rooms, gardens, surroundings and common spaces are full of character and charm. Beautifully maintained and attention to detail is wonderful here.  Location is also great, tranquil overlooking Atlantic to the south."

Yves. United States

"If you looking for a spotless place with a friendly welcome this is your pick. The view over the ocean is splendid. The rooms are simple but have great style. The owners go to great lengths to please their guests.

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