Experiences at Quinta da Meia Eira

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Farm Tour

Find out about the hundreds of botanical species and animals, in a total of 10,000 m2 of land surrounding the Quinta.


Choose your tea

At any time of the day, you can choose from different tea plants in the garden to make your cup of tea.

Nuvens macias brancas

Stare at the Clouds

The diversity of clouds in the Azorean sky, as well as the changing weather, are an ever-fascinating show 


See how the bees live!

Dress a beekeeper's suit and enjoy opening a beehive. We will show you how the bees live and end up with a honey tasting.


Listen to Cory's Shearwaters

From March to October, during the night and early in the morning, you can listen to the Cory's Shearwaters, try to find some, or simply fall asleep to their very unique sound

barco a passar.jpg

Spot vessels

Between March and August, sailboats that cross the Atlantic pass just in front of Quinta da Meia Eira, towards Porto da Horta

passeio ao morro.JPG

Walk to Castelo Branco

From Quinta da Meia Eira, you can walk to Morro de Castelo Branco, which is 3km away from the house.


Make a wish to the stars

At Quinta da Meia Eira, the clear will allow you to observe the constellations, see satellites moving or be surprised by a shooting star crossing the milky way


Walk to Natural Pools

From Quinta da Meia-Eira, you can walk to natural pools nearby and the small Port of Castelo Branco

Experiências na Ilha do Faial

Homem, hiking, em, selva


Faial Island has a wide variety of pedestrian trails. At Quinta da Meia Eira you can order food to take with you!

Pesquisa baleia

Whale and Dolphin Watching

In Faial you can go Whale and Dolphin Watching (as well as turtles, rays, sharks and more if you are lucky) and also go swimming with dolphins.

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Faial Island Natural Park

Faial island has a total of 13 protected areas, with unique biodiversity and geology. There is more in Faial besides Caldeira and Capelinhos.



In Faial you can find a range of different bird breeds. There are several interesting spots for bird watching.

barco a vela

Other nautical activities

In Faial, there are multiple nautical activities available which you can enjoy such as inshore fishing, big game fishing, among others.

Image by Mário Silva

The Caldeira

Caldeira is the main crater of Faial Island. You can not only walk around it but go all the way down as well, although you will need an official guide for the last.


Sea, Beaches and Natural Pools

In Faial you will have a wide range of sea access points, from black sand beaches to natural pools. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf Stream-warmed Atlantic.

Image by Mário Silva

Forest Parks

The forest parks are ideal for a brake. Here you will find picnic areas, BBQ areas, bathrooms and playgrounds.


Faial Botanical Garden

Faial Botanical Garden is a place dedicated to the natural history of Azorean vegetation as well as the preservation of endemic species and an orchid garden.

Image by Stage 7 Photography

Other land activities

Activities such as horse riding, cycling, jeep tours and canyoning are available in Faial.

Image by Yoko Correia Nishimiya

Capelinhos Volcano

Capelinhos Volcano was formed during an eruption in 1957/58 becoming therefore the newest piece of Portuguese land. A visit to the Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Center 


Horta and its Port

In the city of Horta you can find the traces of almost 600 years of world history and the meeting point of many people.

Mergulho no Oceano

Scuba diving

Scuba diving, offshore diving,diving at night, diving with sharks, you name it. From the smallest fish to the great inhabitants of the seas, the hard thing is to choose!

Image by Tiago Miguel Pereira


Along the island there are several spots to enjoy the astonishing landscapes of Faial, Pico, São Jorge, and Graciosa islands.

Image by Joe Leahy

Visit other islands

From Faial and all year round, it is possible to go by boat to nearby islands such as Pico (0:25h) and São Jorge (1:30h).

"We want your stay to be as perfect as possible and that you can enjoy all the peacefulness that Faial island and Quinta da Meia Eira have to offer. In order for you to better prepare your trip we have put together some tips. If you have any further questions please contact us!"

- Equipa Quinta da Meia Eira


The Azores have got a maritime climate, with 4 seasons throughout the year, but also the day. It is never too cold or too hot. In the winter, the average temperature is 14C and in the summer 22C, with a few winter days below 11C or summer days above 28C. The weather can change a lot during the day. On one side of the island, the weather might be good while on the other it is raining. In the high lands of the island, it can be much colder and windier than the south coast, which has more sub-tropical characteristics. Another important aspect of the Azorean climate is the high humidity of the air and the wind, emphasizing the heat or cold feeling. The chances of rainining are frequent, especially in higher altitudes, both during winter and summer. But, believe us, this is not a problem!


Book in advance!

Walking across dormant volcanoes, watching whales, swimming with dolphins, diving into seawater, looking for birds in the ground or in the sky, staring at clouds and rainbows, asking for a wish upon the stars, feeling astonished by botanical experiences, discovering the 600 years in the history of Faial, together with its different people and boats that arrived in different times are wonderful activities to be experienced in Faial. We suggest that you book the experience in advance and keep the schedule flexible in case any activity needs to be changed due to unexpected circumstances.


Faial Island is not as small as it seems. Public transport is not frequent nor widely spread across the island, so we recommend you consider this while planning your trip. From Quinta da Meia Eira, you can walk to a restaurant, a grocery store, a church, natural swimming pools, or hiking trails.

To visit the rest of the island, you can choose to rent a car, book a guided tour or taxi, rent a scooter, and for the more adventurous, cycling.


Comfortable and easy to wear clothing

When packing your bags, remember that you are coming to an island with activities in the wild. Choose clothes for hiking, walking on stony streets, pathways, or getting to the sea. Faial has got a relaxed environment, but walking shirtless is considered to be inelegant

Be prepared to get wet

Whether to get a sea bath or an unexpected rain shower, be prepared to get wet. We recommend that you bring a bathing suit and a waterproof jacket in your suitcase and carry it along with you during the day just in case. 

No need to travel with clothes for one month!

If you need to do your laundry, either at Quinta da Meia or other accommodation units, you can do it.

Protect your feet

One of the great attractions of Faial and the Azores, in general, is diving in natural pools and ports. For those who are not used to it, you might want to wear reef beach shoes. 


Bring binoculars to spot boats, whales and birds..


Quinta da Meia Eira has got bicycles for guests who want to go for a ride. However, if you are a professional cyclist, we recommend that you hire a better bicycle or bring your own (Azores Airlines offers free bike shipping from the mainland to the islands).


Azorean cuisine is very similar to Portuguese cuisine, although it is also the result of its natural resources and the archipelago's position. Here converged the spices from Asia and sugar from Brazil. In Faial, since the era of human settlement, people from all over the world converged, bringing new influences. Here ships were supplied with products that had to be conserved such as savory, cookies, and wine.

What distinguishes the Azorean cuisine from others is the way meals are cooked and seasoned. Cinnamon and allspice-flavored meats and fish, extra sweet bakery, dry biscuits to take onboard, English, and American fruit cakes are examples of these influences. The Azorean cuisine is a fusion cuisine that combines Portugal with the Tropics. 

Faial's specialties are fish, some seafood such as limpets, beef, and pork, traditional sausage, black pudding, yams, sweet potatoes, sub-tropical fruits, jams, biscuits, dry fruits cake, cornbread. Wines and liqueurs are mainly produced in Pico island, as a result of the close connection between Faial and Pico and their people. Not everything can be found easily in restaurants, and some products are only available in some parts of the year. 

Many restaurants have vegetarian options, and if you have any allergies we recommend that you speak with the chef.