We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe during this pandemic phase, while enjoying an environment of comfort, peace and nature, in our 6 ha farm of gardens, fruits, vegetables, animals, natural hedges, trees and pastures.

Although before the outbreak we had already implemented and certified many environmental, social rules (certification: Organic Production Mode, Biotur, Green-key, Miosótis, Marca Açores) and food safety measures (HACCP), we created a covid-19 Contingency Plan and a Protocol in which we have re-strengthened hygiene measures and services with special focus on several areas: bedrooms, food areas, rooms, swimming pool and reception.


We have created a new electronic check-in feature (, after which customers can download all the information about the implemented measures. In order also to improve the contact possibilities, we have created a chat available on our website where we will be available in real time.


Our rooms and apartments all have doors to the outside, and it is not necessary to pass through corridors or rooms to access them. We have rooms that have private living rooms and kitchenettes where the self-sufficiency regime can be implemented.

Our breakfasts and dinners continue to be using local and farm produce but now served individually, respecting the new hygiene standards and safety distances. We have placed a glass surface on the wooden tops of the dining tables ensuring their most effective hygiene. A menu posted daily allows food to be made available according to the desire that each of our customers communicates to us.


Furthermore, have limited the number of seats inside the dining room, but we have redesigned the terrace area, increasing the number of outdoor seating so that more guests can dine while enjoying the garden.


Yet, we do not give up our principles of sustainability. We will always focus on measures with social action that protect our local workers, partners and suppliers, that protect the environment, focusing on biodiversity and fighting waste production and food waste, integrated into a logic of safe economic and financial viability.


We are taking this opportunity as a way to strengthen ourselves and consolidate our values.