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The small island of Faial is full of beautiful landscapes, marked by its special connection with the sea.

Some of the most interesting points of the island to visit are the Caldeira (the large crater of the main volcano of the island) and the group of volcanic cones that lead to the Vulcão dos Capelinhos (the most recent volcanic eruption of the Azores, year 1957/8), Varadouro, Fajã, Morro de Castelo Branco and the harmony of PortoPim - Monte de Guia. Only by visiting the island can you discover the importance of the geological and landscape diversities that characterize Faial. The Quinta da Meia Eira is centrally located regarding all of these points of interest.

Besides its rural landscape and immigration, whaling, clippers, telegraphic cables and transatlantic yachts have profoundly influenced Faial. A special azorian portrait has opened our doors to others making a difference…here, more than any other place in the Azores, you feel what it means to live in the middle of the Atlantic and wanting to be part of the world. Today, the marina of Horta clearly shows you what this means. This long history of diversity is reunited at the Quinta da Meia Eira through pieces of the past and experiences.

From the houses you have a magnificent view of the Mount of Castelo Branco, the ocean, the south coast of Faial, the island of Pico and other points of interest.

Looking out for ships crossing the Atlantic seeking shelter in the Horta marina, bird watching and whale watching are some other hobbies for those staying at the Quinta da Meia Eira.

From the Quinta you can find paths that lead you to fishing areas (400m), natural swimming pools, to the quay (800m), the Mount of Castelo Branco (3km) and to fields belonging to the nature reserves of the island. The mount is an interesting headland which gives its name to the village and is part of “Natura 2000” European Network, as well as the coastline between Castelo Branco and the Quinta da Meia Eira. In this area you can discover most of the 50 endemic flora species of the island.

At the Quinta da Meia Eira you can find mountain bicycles, binoculars, books, records, a piano, guitar, a “Viola” – a traditional azorian guitar, games and a nice garden with a children’s play area which includes swings, slide and other toys.

On Faial you will find many activities at your disposal: good sand beaches, walking trails, nature reserves, museums, monuments …There are many companies that can offer you sailing trips, whale watching, the latest sports craze, etc.


Rede Natura Whale watching
Reserva Agricola Bird watching
diving beach
fishing BTT trails
natural pools    

If you wish we can organize for you car rental, walking tours, sailing trips, horse riding, whale watching, diving, big game fishing and more. You can count on us to help you organize your holidays as we are well prepared and have good contacts with many local companies.

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TAP - Portuguese Airline company

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Transmaçor - Local boats to Pico and S. Jorge


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Porto Pim

Porto Pim

Horta Bay

Monte da Guia


Pico view

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Meia Eira - Morro
de Castelo Branco_01

Meia Eira - Morro
de Castelo Branc_02

Meia Eira - Zona de recreio
de Castelo Branco_01

Meia Eira - Zona de recreio
de Castelo Branco_02

Meia Eira