Breakfast it’s a special moment at Quinta da Meia Eira.

Environment it’s pleasant, fresh and full with light.

You can enjoy it inside or outside... like you wish!.

This breakfast will not only be one of your daily meals, but also a gastronomic and an authentic experience.
Here you will find our farm products, like milk, white cheese, yogurts, eggs, yams and jellies, fruits, etc.
We would like to offer a breakfast respecting our traditions and way of live, but also respecting our guests preferences. For that reason, we have included some modern breakfast international products.


This is our standard breakfast:

Bread (3 different kinds) – (Azores)
Yams and jellies (3 different kinds) – (Quinta da Meia Eira)
Cheese (3 different kinds) – (Quinta da Meia Eira / Azores)
cold meat (yam) – (Azores)
Butter – (Azores)
Eggs – (Quinta da Meia Eira)
Yogurt – (Quinta da Meia Eira)
Cake (with our eggs, creams…) – (Quinta da Meia Eira)
Milk – hot and cold – (Quinta da Meia Eira)
Black coffee – (International)
Coffee without caffeine – (International)
Chocolate – (International)
Tea and tisanes – (Quinta da Meia Eira / Azores)
Honey – (Azores)
Cereals (3 different kinds: chocolate, fibre, cornflakes) – (International)
Sugar – (Azores)
Sweetener – (International)
Fruits – (Quinta da Meia Eira / Azores)
Fruit juice – (International / Azores / Quinta da Meia Eira)