Commitment to society

Quinta da Meia Eira is a small scale / family-sized company that strives to be socially fair in their labor and commercial relationships, and to be open to the society.

Fair work

Besides our business is seasonal, we keep our employees full time, throughout the years. It means they have job security and they can face the future with confidence.

Openness to society

We have provided school visits as well as training courses and professional training, in tourism and agricultural activities. We were already involved with Colégio de Santo António, Escola Profissional da Horta, Escola Básica Integrada da Horta e Escola Secundária Manuel de Arriaga.

We choose for partners and suppliers local people with the same environmental and social conduct.

We participate in local organizations and we collaborate to their initiatives.


We intend to continue with our commitment to the social level. We know that our work is never finished and hope to do even better. We believe it is our obligation to do what is right, whether it is or not the best economical option.

We see your preference for Quinta da Meia Eira as a strengthening of our social responsibility. Thanks!